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Visual Facilitation

How do you like to feel when you leave a team meeting?  Do you want to feel energized and excited?  Do you want to have a clear picture of your team’s vision and next action steps?   Find out how visual facilitation can be a catalyst for powerful conversations with clear outcomes and actions.

Breathing Room

Do you ever want a little more room to breath?  Check out my blog of reflections and practices to center and inspire.  Or sign up on my mailing list to receive a weekly “breathing room” post.  Because we could all use a little more room to breath..

Clarity Coaching Session

Welcome Clarity!  Sample coaching + visual facilitation in a 60 minute session over the phone.  Leverage the power of visual thinking to create a clear map of your desired future. 

Leadership Coaching

I guide leaders to find their center again so that they can bring the best of themselves to skillfully navigate the complexity of their lives and work.

Visual Facilitation Gallery

I use a variety of tools in my facilitation work.  I like the classic, time tested tools of paper, pens, chalk pastels with a  sprinkling of the late 20th century  technology: the “post it” note!  I get a sparkly look in my eyes having discovered the power of  using digital media in  creating visuals.

Meet Catherine

The seeds of my leadership coaching practice were planted when I worked with leaders in New Orleans soon after Hurricane Katrina. Each conversation was a portrait in resilience as these leaders talked about how their lives and their communities had been turned upside down after the hurricane