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Do Something at Half Speed

A blanket of snow covers the earth this morning.  The streets are a pristine white before intrepid drivers will haltingly make their way to their destinations.  Schools are closed and people are asked to leave their homes only if they need to. The snow will invite us or force us, depending on how each person […]

Put on Your White Belt (Embrace Being a Beginner)

Take a breath, expand your belly.  Breathe in vitality and clarity.  Allow that inhale to extend your energy up and out like the branches of a tree.  Allow your long exhale to spiral through you and into the center of the earth. A participant on a teleclass I led today said, “I want to declare […]

New Year's Resolution: More Play Time

How can I invite play or playfulness into my work today? George Leonard, a notable American Sensei (teacher) of Aikido speaks about the Primacy of Play (Leonard, 1999) in work, life, love, leadership, learning… in all our activities.  Yet becoming an adult often means a chiseling away of play time in the name of “more […]

180 Degree Vision—Please Try!

My tendency when receiving a punch to the gut is to look down at the fist that is coming towards me.  Holy Moley!   Yet my aikido instructor asks us to practice receiving our adversary’s punch by expanding our gaze to include the outer periphery of our vision.  In doing so I notice my hand knows […]

A Dojo? Is That Like Mojo?

Well they are connected actually.  Dojo comes from the Japanese word meaning “place of the way.” It’s a place of learning.  It is a place of awakening to our hibernating places of strength (both inner and outer).  Practicing in the dojo brings those dormant resources to life so that we can bring a wider palette […]

Visual Facilitation

How do you like to feel when you leave a team meeting?  Do you want to feel energized and excited?  Do you want to have a clear picture of your team’s vision and next action steps?   Find out how visual facilitation can be a catalyst for powerful conversations with clear outcomes and actions.

Breathing Room

Do you ever want a little more room to breath?  Check out my blog of reflections and practices to center and inspire.  Or sign up on my mailing list to receive a weekly “breathing room” post.  Because we could all use a little more room to breath..

Clarity Coaching Session

Welcome Clarity!  Sample coaching + visual facilitation in a 60 minute session over the phone.  Leverage the power of visual thinking to create a clear map of your desired future. 

Visual Facilitation Gallery

I use a variety of tools in my facilitation work.  I like the classic, time tested tools of paper, pens, chalk pastels with a  sprinkling of the late 20th century  technology: the “post it” note!  I get a sparkly look in my eyes having discovered the power of  using digital media in  creating visuals.