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Keep Your Warrior Bearing

When the kids at my daughter’s aikido class began leaning and slouching against the wall while waiting their turn to practice a position, I heard the teacher remind the young students, “Keep your warrior bearing.”  My ears perked up and I sat up straight, which was the intended effect.  I noticed the children moved away […]

Stillness in the Midst of Complexity

“I create moments of stillness to hear my soul speak. “  Gina LaRoche Often our response to addressing the complexity of our times is to do more, faster.  We can become addicted to speed, an addiction that is reinforced and affirmed by our culture and society.  At times  we may find ourselves leading with the […]

What would be life giving?

One of my colleagues begins meetings and conversations about projects with the question:  What would be life giving? So, when faced with a challenging project or task, I remember to ask,  “ How might I or we approach this project or conversation in a way that is life giving?” The question invites me to expand […]

What are your resources?

On the aikido mat, I notice that if I focus just on the punch or strike that is coming towards me, I forget that I have resources.  When I see the space around my adversary and his hand, I can more skillfully redirect the punch by using the space around us.  Space is my resource […]

Lizard Push Ups…and deep bow to Wendy Palmer

Take a breath and allow that breath to expand your energy up and out.  And on your exhale follow your breath,  like a ribbon of light,  through you and into the earth.  Be aware of the space around you.  Be aware of the space within you.  What if there were just a little more awesome […]

Appreciation: The Breath of Life

Take a breath.  Breathe into your center and expand your energy up and out like the branches of a tree reaching for the sun.  And exhale a long, slow breath.  Allow that breath to connect you deeply with the earth. The Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Breathing in, I smile, breathing out I relax. […]

Celebrating the Power of our Hearts in Leadership

Take a breath, expand your belly.  Breathe in vitality and clarity.  Allow that inhale to extend your energy up and out like the branches of a tree.  Allow your long exhale to spiral through you and into the center of the earth.  Inhale again………and  on your long exhale notice the softening of your chest.  Allow […]

Say NO on purpose–Invite a powerful YES

In January I said “no” to renewing my board term with an organization and with a group of colleagues that I absolutely love.  I have served on this board for seven years in a collaborative engagement that has enriched my life immeasurably.   Why did I say “no” then? When I checked in with myself, I […]

"We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams"

“We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams,” begins O’Shaughnessy’s poem.  What is your capital D, Dream? Maybe you don’t know all the words or all the notes to your dream.  Or maybe you hear that voice that wants to convince you that your dream isn’t good enough or that it is too […]