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Engagement ~ What future will you stand for?

I’ve been thinking a lot about engagement these days.  In the upcoming elections in the United States we are seeing a dramatic rise in new political candidates running for office and more voter participation than in the last 50 years.  We see more protests and demonstrations of free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to dissent.  […]

Mindfulness: Is it just a phase?

Mindfulness–we see the word attached to many commercial and educational products.  It’s all the rage these days!   How long can this last?  Is there a risk that “mindfulness” will end up in a heap of passing fancies alongside lava lamps? Mindfulness practices are anchored in 2,500 years of mostly Asian spiritual traditions.  Practices in mindful […]

Facilitator's Corner: How do you begin meetings?

“How does your culture call out the best in you and your team so that you inspire excellence in each other?” As an organizational consultant and meeting facilitator I notice how groups begin meetings.  What does the beginning look like?  When do the meeting participants know that the meeting has begun?  What signals or clues […]

Seven Principles for Courageous Conversations

  It’s an honor to hold the space for leaders to speak their truth in times of disagreement or conflict.  What seems to embolden and inspire courageous conversations is a shared higher purpose and vision for the work of the team.    Successful teams know that  without the courageous conversation their work will stall and stutter […]

Four Healthy Snacks for your Happy Brain

Media of all types provides such a tempting diet of junk food for the brain.  There are so many alternatives to keep your brain healthy and your spirit singing.  Here are just a few to weave into your life: Music: a snack of your favorite tunes on your iPod, or pick up that dusty instrument […]

Mindfulness–Not just for Hermits!

Over the past few months I have noticed the practice of “mindfulness” showing up unexpectedly in professions that tend to the linear, analytical, and logical.  The Washington State Bar Association, for example, recently published an article entitled, Paying Attention: Integrating Mindfulness into Your Practice. “Increased scientific research gives evidence of the positive effects of mindfulness […]