Four Healthy Snacks for your Happy Brain

brain snacks 2Media of all types provides such a tempting diet of junk food for the brain.  There are so many alternatives to keep your brain healthy and your spirit singing.  Here are just a few to weave into your life:
Music: a snack of your favorite tunes on your iPod, or pick up that dusty instrument and play for 15 minutes.  Dancing is encouraged!
Meditation:  the research is out, meditation is an all around tonic for a healthy, sharp mind and a centered way of living. If you don’t yet have a meditation practice, start with five minutes of sitting and breathing once per day and grow from there.
Doodling:  words + color + shapes = doodling.  Keep it simple.  Black and blue are colors.  So are green, orange, purple, and yellow.  Have a few extra colors in your pen cup and use them.
Daydreaming: contrary to what we learned in school, daydreaming is part of learning and thinking.  Take 5: Tip your head back, look out the window and let your mind integrate and synthesize while you dream with your eyes open!
Happy Snacking!