Pause. Celebrate. Begin Anew!

celebrate 2

In the Executive Leadership Retreat I facilitated last week, we paused to celebrate.  This great team has been running hard for the past 18 months.  And still the work didn’t feel done.  (Hint: It never is done.)  Yet they recognized the importance of celebration and how this pause helped them feel renewed even in the face of more challenges.  We brainstormed all their accomplishments and all there was to celebrate.  The list filled 6 feet of paper.

Sure the work is never done—that’s called life.

In the face of increased demands and challenges, it’s powerful  to ask:  What will we celebrate today?  Powerful?  Yes, powerful, because the positive energy generated by celebration is fuel for the next hill to climb, the next challenge to overcome, the next deadline to meet, the next life to serve.

What are you celebrating today?

Post your response!  We would love to hear from you!