Leadership and Horse Sense: Save the Date!

horse_dog_184ssbj-184ssdmIn Horse Sense, Martha Beck reports on the profound experience of working with horses as coaches to better understand how we show up in relationship with others in our world.  (See Horse Sense in the August, 2013 issue of O Magazine.)

Horses are innately gifted teachers for us.  “They communicate what they feel, straight up, all the time,” writes Martha Beck.  “Which means that to gain their trust, humans must be genuine, clear, and honest.”  Genuine, clear, honest sound like great qualities in a leader.

My experience working with a horse as teacher offered me a rich opportunity to practice the qualities of leadership presence.  Presence communicates leadership.  Leadership is not about knowing in the technical sense; leadership is about being fully present in the moment and in connected partnership with others.

Join Amanda Madorno, the herd at Epona Meadows, and I on September 27th to experience this gift for yourself.  Amanda will masterfully guide you through an equine facilitated experience. And I will offer aikido inspired somatic coaching on the non verbal dimensions of leadership presence.  Come play, learn, and be amazed by this unique partnership!

For more information, and to register please visit us here.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have as you consider this powerful opportunity.