Space—Our ally in creativity

We are made up of 99.9% space and a tiny bit of matter.  In the emptiness of that space is a vibrant quantum force that fuels the creation of particles that make up the on going creation of ourselves in every moment.  Yet, we clutter our existence and our minds with busy schedules, agendas, post it notes, email and a multitude of messages from social media.  We can become convinced that if our agendas aren’t full to overflowing our lives are empty.  Stop the madness!  Return to emptiness—for it is here that we and our future are created.
Take a breath.  Inhale and allow your breath to extend up and out into the spaciousness of the sky.  On your exhale see a slowly circling ribbon of light nourishing the space within you and connecting you to the earth.  Notice the space around you.  Be aware of the space within your cells.  Take a moment to sink into the deep stillness of your being.