Finding Trust

Trust is a quality that I have been inviting into my life this year.  I often think of a scene from the movie, Finding Nemo, where Marlin, the little clown fish who is in search of his lost son, finds himself, literally, in the belly of the whale.  While he and his companion, Dory, are sloshing about inside the whale, he wants to grip the side of the whale’s belly for dear life, rather than go with the powerful flow that will spray him out and back into the ocean where he can continue his search.  Marlin has lost what is most precious to him in his life, his son.  In this moment he can’t imagine that letting go and trusting that whale to spit him out of his blowhole is what will save his and his son’s lives. From the depth of the belly of the whale, he can’t see that outcome.  Yet, letting go, in the face of sheer terror is the only thing he can do.  It’s the paradox of the moment.
I often think of this scene and Marlin’s predicament.   He surrendered into an absolute trust that letting go was the only way he could find what was dearest to him.  It seems counter intuitive at times that letting go of outcomes and trusting our instincts, no matter how crazy they seem, is the path to what we desire.
What would it be like to have just a little bit more trust in this moment?
Take a breath.  On your inhale, notice your energy extending up and out to touch the heavens.  As you exhale, allow a slowly circling ribbon of light go through you and connect you to the center of the earth.  Be aware of your breath, be aware of the space above and below you, to either side of you, in front and behind you. Be aware of your shoulders loosening, your mouth opening slightly releasing the tension in your jaw.  Ask yourself,  “What would it be like to have just a little more trust in this moment?”   Notice your body’s response.