Maybe it's not about weeding!

I sit in the garden with my cup of tea.

What does my garden need of me?

I sit, I listen.  What do I hear?

Maybe it’s not about weeding!

Big surprise.

When do you take a moment and put aside your to do list, close your eyes and ask, what does my day truly need?  What does my life/my work/my family (fill in the blank) truly need from me to tend to in this moment?  Maybe it’s not on your to do list.  Maybe the most important thing you can do in this moment is to listen and be surprised!
Take a breath.  Inhale light, air, warmth, life.  And imagine your breath reaching up to touch the sky.  On your exhale, be aware of your breath, slowly circling through your body and connecting to the earth through your feet.  Be aware of the space around you, above you and below you.  Be aware of the sounds around you.  Be aware of the sound of the still voice inside you.