The Web of Connection: No email required

Two stories of elephants came to me this week.  One story is of Lawrence Anthony, the “elephant whisperer,” who dedicated a part of his life to the care and protection of formerly violent, rogue elephants.  Mr. Anthony died earlier this year.  And unexplainably, by modern standards, the elephants he rescued and rehabilitated, journeyed hours to be in the place where Mr. Anthony had died.
Another story is of the brilliant cellist, Jami Sieber, who was invited to play her beautiful music with elephants in Thailand.  Although she had mixed feelings about this project, she listened to the call.  Not knowing what to expect, she began playing.  As the rhythm undulated, the elephants swayed their trunks, heads and ears to the sounds and vibrations.  She said (I paraphrase) that she felt a calling from the elephants that indicate a sense of coming together, of learning together.  The most powerful gift she received was “regaining hope” for how we communicate with each other.  If this connection, beyond verbal language, can be made across species, than there is hope that we can communicate with the other humans with whom we share this planet.
The elephants teach us that we are connected to each other and to every living organism in mysterious, powerful ways.  We are invited to notice the grand nature of our connections beyond what is possible through digital technology to link us with one another.
Take a breath.  On your inhale allow your breath to reach the heavens.  On your exhale, see a slowly, circling ribbon of light wind through you and connect you to the depth of the earth.  Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw.  Notice the connections you have to space, air, light, breath.  Listen to what calls you to connect more deeply.
To hear and see Jami Sieber tell her story visit here.