What would be easy and pleasurable?

My good friend Jill and long time collaborator often asks, “What would be easy and pleasurable?” when she or we are engaging in a project.  So this morning when faced with the question of doing the edits to my website myself or asking my web designer to do them for me, I heard the voice in my head say, “What would be easy and pleasurable?”  I allowed the presence of ease to crowd out the nagging concern about extra cost.
By choosing ease, I freed up my space and time to focus on writing this “breathing room” post, which has become a valuable weekly practice for me.  Return on investment?  I stay committed to my practice, I focus on what I do best, and my web designer focuses on what she does best.  There is enough to go around.  I repeat,  there is enough.
Take a deep breath and allow that breath to lift your energy up and out to touch the sky.  And on your exhale see a ribbon of light circling through you and into the center of the earth.  Be aware of space around you.  Be aware of ease.  And ask yourself,  “What would it be like if there were a little bit more ease in my being right now?”  Notice your body’s response.