Violin Lessons and Inspiration

On my way to morning meetings today I was listening to NPR on the radio, as I often do, and caught the last bit of news about Roman Totenberg, Nina Totenberg’s father. He passed away yesterday at the age of 101.  He was a violin virtuoso from the age of 11.  I was inspired to learn that he continued to give violin lessons to aspiring virtuosos from his death bed.  Now here’s a man who lived out loud to nearly his final breath.
I am inspired.  Inspire or inspiration comes from the old French word meaning to breathe in.  May we all breathe in such passion and joy and express our true essence in the world for a hundred years.   We can start with this moment.
Take a breath.  Fill your lungs with the zest of life.  On this inhale expand your energy up and out like the branches of a tree.  Now allow your exhale to flow slowly through you like a ribbon of light into the center of the earth.  Be aware of the space within you and the space around you. Breathe in inspiration,   and on your exhale know gratitude for the potential of this moment.