Keep Your Warrior Bearing

When the kids at my daughter’s aikido class began leaning and slouching against the wall while waiting their turn to practice a position, I heard the teacher remind the young students, “Keep your warrior bearing.”  My ears perked up and I sat up straight, which was the intended effect.  I noticed the children moved away from the wall and focused their energy and their attention.  It was such a more affirming and powerful direction than “stand up straight.”
The teacher called forth and affirmed the warrior spirit that is already there in each of these children.  He spoke to their dignity and to their sense of self management for the sake of a higher purpose.
I am reminded that when we affirm our “warrior bearing” we are affirming our dignity line: our connection to our spine, to our vertical connection between heaven and earth.
Take a breath and allow your breath to expand your energy up and out like the branches of a tree.  Allow your exhale to flow through you like a ribbon of light into the center of the earth.  Be aware of your spine.  Be aware of your dignity line.  Be aware of how your being is the connection between heaven and earth.