Stillness in the Midst of Complexity

“I create moments of stillness to hear my soul speak. “  Gina LaRoche
Often our response to addressing the complexity of our times is to do more, faster.  We can become addicted to speed, an addiction that is reinforced and affirmed by our culture and society.  At times  we may find ourselves leading with the same conviction that speed is the answer.
When I notice that my pace is speeding up (and I am grateful on the days when I actually notice!) I wonder what I am missing.  What important signals and cues am I not noticing in my rush to get things done?  And what sweetness of life am I zooming by in my effort to do more, faster.
When I create moments of stillness, I can hear my soul’s wisdom and truth guide me along my journey.
Take a breath and allow your breath to expand your energy up and out.  Allow your exhale to flow through you into the center of the earth.  Be aware of the space around you.  Be aware of the space within you.  Notice the stillness of this moment.  Be in this moment.  Listen.