What are your resources?

On the aikido mat, I notice that if I focus just on the punch or strike that is coming towards me, I forget that I have resources.  When I see the space around my adversary and his hand, I can more skillfully redirect the punch by using the space around us.  Space is my resource on the mat.  If I just focus on the punch, I don’t see the space and don’t benefit from it.
We have a tendency to be very articulate at describing the challenges and problems in our lives—to focus on the punches and the obstacles.  What if we could get just as articulate in describing our resources?
Take a moment, get comfortable, and…

Breathe in and expand your energy up and out to reach the sky.  Exhale, and bring your awareness to your breath as it circles through your body and into the earth.  Be aware of the space above and below you, on either side of you, in front and in back of you. Be aware of space as a resource for you throughout your day.  And be aware of all the resources that are around you and that you can benefit from today.