Lizard Push Ups…and deep bow to Wendy Palmer

Take a breath and allow that breath to expand your energy up and out.  And on your exhale follow your breath,  like a ribbon of light,  through you and into the earth.  Be aware of the space around you.  Be aware of the space within you.  What if there were just a little more awesome and shiny in your being?
I had the awesome privilege to spend this past weekend in a Conscious Embodiment workshop with one of my Aikido and Leadership Embodiment mentors, Wendy Palmer.   There are so many gems I’d like to share.  Today I want to describe what Wendy calls the “lizard push up.”
Have you ever noticed how your posture slides lower and lower throughout the day; how your belly caves in and your shoulders slump down and soon your head is cranked forward, your chin almost resting on your computer keyboard?  Does that ever happen to you?  Maybe I’m not the only one!
And have you noticed how this contraction impacts your mood, your sense of possibility, optimism, and courage?
So, what if you expanded your energy upward and lifted your torso from your core, concentrating on creating space in your belly, between your ribs and in your chest.  Lift your eyes up to take in the horizon for a moment. There:  YOU HAVE JUST DONE  A LIZARD PUSH UP!
Now take it a step further and imagine that there is just a little more awesome and a little more shiny in your being.  Notice how your mood shifts, how your thoughts shift and notice what is possible for you from here.
Certainly if a lizard can do this many times a day, we can!!

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  1. Jan Walker
    Jan Walker says:

    Just did a lizard pushup and now I feel 6 feet tall. I also look like the Geiko lizard in my mind. lol
    Now, I feel like I am breathing more deeply and don’t want to slump anymore. Cool

  2. Peg Giffels
    Peg Giffels says:

    I love this tip. Coming from the core feels so much better than trying to stretch from the top of my head. I can breathe again! Thanks Catherine.

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