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What would it be like to experience a little more courage today?

The late Vaclav Havel reflected on the nature of our era as a transitional period:  something is on the way out and something else is painfully being born.
I don’t know about you, but I am aware of previously certain structures in my world coming apart and releasing their hold.  In some cases, like the recent movements towards marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples, I experience this as a welcome transformation.  In other cases, like the fragile state of the world’s strongest currencies, the euro and the dollar, the transformation leaves me a bit uneasy.
Courage comes to mind as a powerful force in the face of radical uncertainty.  The word itself originates from the word for heart in French, coeur.  Just like the heart, courage resides in the core of our being.
It serves me to get in touch with the place in my being where my courage dwells, to reinforce and nurture that place, to experience it like a powerful river at the core of my being, fueling and resourcing me.
Sit back in your chair.  Feel the chair supporting you.  Feel the floor under your feet.  Relax your hands  in your lap.  Take a breath, expand your belly.   Allow your long exhale to spiral through you and into the center of the earth.  Inhale again, extending your energy up and out.  On your next exhale, drop into your source of courage.  Notice where courage dwells.  Is it in your spine, your heart, your feet? 
Ask yourself:  What would it be like to experience just a little more courage today?

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  1. Peg Giffels
    Peg Giffels says:

    Thanks Catherine. Always a welcome reminder about the “heart” root of courage. And that breathing stuff — that’s a good reminder too!

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