Say NO on purpose–Invite a powerful YES

In January I said “no” to renewing my board term with an organization and with a group of colleagues that I absolutely love.  I have served on this board for seven years in a collaborative engagement that has enriched my life immeasurably.   Why did I say “no” then?
When I checked in with myself, I realized that the quality of my presence and my energy were waning for this particular engagement.   I couldn’t go on pretending that my enthusiasm was at a high.  It was time to make a clear decision, to take a stand in response to what I felt in my center.  It was time to say NO.
Saying NO, I released stagnating energy and made room for a new or deepening YES to what calls me into my future.  In taking care of myself, I also serve the organization by creating a place for someone else’s YES.
When we choose to live in integrity, our actions are aligned with what we know to be true in our hearts, mind, and gut.  I notice that checking in and listening to ourselves and our deep knowing take practice.  For we may have unwittingly been in a practice of overriding what we know deeply to be true.
Take a deep breath, feel your belly expand.  Allow your breath to extend your energy up and out, like the branches of a tree.  On your exhale, drop your attention to your center.  Inhale and exhale again.  Gently ask yourself the question:  What it is time to say no to?
Give yourself permission to hear, sense and experience what it is time to say “no” to, so that you invite a more powerful YES.

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  1. Karen Rosenzweig
    Karen Rosenzweig says:

    I absolutely loved this – so simple, so true…and it’s exactly the kick in the butt I needed today to make a decision with a group of my own! Thanks for the wisdom 🙂

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