Do Something at Half Speed

A blanket of snow covers the earth this morning.  The streets are a pristine white before intrepid drivers will haltingly make their way to their destinations.  Schools are closed and people are asked to leave their homes only if they need to.
The snow will invite us or force us, depending on how each person responds, to slow down.  Later we’ll sweep the steps, or we’ll walk to the store for milk.  We’ll need to slow down to get to our destination or risk slipping and falling and going a different direction than the one we intended.
I am reminded of how rushed I feel most of the time; how my motions are sped up like a film on fast forward.
What am I missing when I am fast forwarding through my day?  Whose smile am I overlooking?  What wisdom passes me by? What crucial bit of instruction from the universe am I not noticing?  And how much harder will I work by not slowing down and listening, observing, noticing?
Today, practice doing one thing at half speed.  Make it a game with yourself, nobody else needs to know what you are up to.  Drink a cup of coffee or tea at half speed.  Walk down the corridor at half speed.  Or listen to your colleague, friend, or child at half speed.
What do you notice beyond your initial irritation?  What helps you stay in the moment?  Breathe.